Cheesecake ll Chustin

Charlie was chilling out in his room alone, book balanced above his head as he read. His roommates had, as usual, vacated the room as they did most days, leaving him alone to do whatever he wanted in peace. He was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt as it was chilly out, phone resting beside him after reading Justin’s last text, waiting for the other boy to arrive.

Okay, he might have been a little pissed at getting blown off for Logan the other night when he was just worried about Justin doing something stupid when he said he wanted to die—aka, his mind immediately jumped to the thoughts of the Brit downing alcohol with his meds—and decided he couldn’t really hold it against him when Justin was trying to make up for it. Even though he had a lot of questions as to why Justin wanted to get drunk in the first place.

Maybe Sydney was pregnant and he wasn’t dealing well.

Or maybe he was just being reckless.

Charlie didn’t know. But he planned on finding out.