Group 3, Cabin 3 - Scavenger Hunt - Charlie/Julian/Derek/Dwight

Charlie stood outside their cabin, under the cloister area in a warm sweatshirt and an old pair of jeans with his backpack shrugged over his shoulder. All that was in it was a water bottle, as the list of items for the scavenger hunt was in his hands and he was reading down through it, not exactly looking forward to walking through the forest. 

He’d pretty much taken it upon himself to be the “cabin leader” as his control issues had taken over, and he certainly was not taking orders from Derek Seigerson whom he’d only met just a few minutes prior. Derek was on one side of him, Julian then beside his best friend. Their fourth cabin mate was a little bit off in the distance from them, but still within earshot.

"Should we split up or stay together?" he asked, consulting them and looking over the edge of the list to look at them both. "I think, personally, we should stay together and just spread out over a general area…"

Deciding that the quickest way to get these two days over with, Charlie was begrudgingly taking part in the “bonding” activities. The sooner they finished this scavenger hunt, the sooner they could just return to chill out before the second days activity was set.